Retrospective on the first General Assembly 

The SWEET Lantern Consortium has held its first General Assembly on June 12, 2023, in Uni Bern.

Welcome to our blog, where we provide an exclusive glimpse into the inaugural General Assembly of the SWEET Lantern consortium. This assembly brought together diverse actors and stakeholders who play crucial roles in the consortium’s mission of advancing sustainable energy solutions. In this session, consortium members participated in a retrospective workshop, reflecting on the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned during the first year of SWEET Lantern. The exchange of insights and experiences aimed to enhance future project planning and decision-making.
A Cooperative Agenda for Progress: The General Assembly of SWEET Lantern commenced with an engaging agenda designed to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning. 
The first General Assembly of the SWEET Lantern consortium set the stage for an exciting journey towards sustainable energy. Through productive discussions, strategic planning, and a shared vision, the consortium’s actors and stakeholders reaffirmed their commitment to advancing

SWEET Lantern GA