1.2 – Governance Models

Module 1.2

Introduction to Governance Model

Governance Models

Module overview


Content of the Module: 

  • What is a Governance Model? 
  • Why have a Governance Model? 
  • Types and examples of Governance Models 
  • How to develop a Living Lab Governance Model?


CC BY-NC: This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.

More content

Papers : 

  • Mease, L., A. & al. (2018). Engagement takes a (fishing) village to manage a resource: Principles and practice of effective stakeholder engagement. 

  • Ståhlbröst, A. (2015). Stakeholders in Smart City Living Lab Processes 

  • Van de Vena, F., et al (2016). Adaptation Planning Support Toolbox: Measurable performance information based tools for co-creation of resilient, ecosystem-based urban plans with urban designers, decision-makers and stakeholde


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