Capacity Building

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The goal of the Capacity Building

The capacity building programme supports the long-term learning process over the course of SWEET Lantern, involving all stakeholders of the project consortium, but especially Living Lab Managers, researchers from social sciences and engineering, Living Labs, P&D project managers, cooperation partners. This will allow a common understanding on how to set up and run Living Labs and how to conduct participative applied research and test solutions in a real-life 


The Capacity Building Programme included in person workshops with dedicated interactive activities and a platform providing with some learning content, see above for more information. 

Capacitiy Building programme

The SWEET Lantern Capacity Building Platform is an evolving online hub designed for knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Consortium. It offers a variety of resources, including learning modules, use cases, tools and methods, publications, and more. The platform’s content will be progressively released throughout the year, and we welcome consortium input to enhance and expand its offerings. 

onboarding programme

The Sweet Lantern Onboarding Booklet is designed to provide new Consortium members with a solid understanding of the fundamental theories behind Living Labs and the SWEET Lantern project. You will find all the information you need to understand the Living Labs approach, the mission and objectives of the SWEET Lantern project, as well as useful links and a description of the different platforms used in the project.