About the first Capacity Building meeting

On Thursday, February 9, the ZHAW School of Engineering in Zürich hosted about 30 members of the SWEET Lantern Consortium for their first Capacity Buidling Program activity (WP2 Set Up and Scale Up & Wp3 Methodology). Earlier that morning, the first meeting of the Scientific and Innovation Committee (SIC) of the SWEET Lantern program was  also held in ZHAW.



Among the highlights of the day’s program, dedicated to Living Lab Managers and WP leaders: the introduction by the project coordinator Joëlle Mastellic, the presentation of the WinLab from the city of Winterthur, by Vincente Carabias. Then the participants established a common vision of their living labs, by working on the concept of living lab and they worked on the analysis of the stakeholders. 



The exchanges between the participants were very rich and inspiring. The sharing of tools and methods allowed to consolidate some knowledge and develop new perspectives. 

This first workshop promises great synergies between the members of the SWEET Lantern Consortium.



The next SWEET Lantern meetings are already scheduled: June 12 for the General Assembly, in Bern, and on September 5-6-7, the National Open Innovation Camp, will take place in Winterthur